Sales Insights with Sarah

Get Your Sales & Marketing Efforts Aligned! (Interview with BBC Apprentice Winner Mark Wright)

May 12, 2021 Season 1 Episode 45
Sales Insights with Sarah
Get Your Sales & Marketing Efforts Aligned! (Interview with BBC Apprentice Winner Mark Wright)
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the Sales Insights with Sarah podcast.  In this episode, Sarah Downs interviews BBC Apprentice Winner and serial entrepreneur Mark Wright. Mark & Sarah talk about all things in the alignment of sales and marketing, what business should be thinking about, where businesses are going wrong and what are some of the key questions that we should be asking ourselves when it comes to sales and marketing. 

Mark Wright is the Director and founder of Climb Online, winner of The Apprentice with 9 years experience in the digital marketing industry.

Sarah openly documents the good, the bad and the ugly of her entrepreneurial journey and is visible across a number of platforms.  





Background about Mark Wright and his companies.

Unpack Marks passion for sales and marketing and how to scale.

Sales or marketing what is most important?


"Small businesses make the mistake of having a sales department and a marketing department"

"What I didn't do when I started but wish I did was sit down and work from the back coming forward"

"A lot of sales teams and businesses in general focus a lot of selling without the buyer in mind. If we look at the buyer you realise where your content needs to be."


I am the Co-founding Director of Doqaru Ltd, a data-driven sales and marketing consultancy for engineering, technology and professional services companies.
 I've directly served over 85 companies in a sales consultancy capacity in the past 5 years, and have indirectly supported hundreds of businesses through online workshops and various content. My company, Doqaru, were nominated as finalists for Start-up Business of the Year by the Federation of Small Businesses and Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2019 and 2020.
 I'm a Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales (APS) and care about helping organisations to grow revenue and drive the performance of their sales teams.  I have a passion for people and have recently co-authored Amazon No1 Bestselling Purposeful People, an anthology about finding purpose and purpose-driven leadership.

As an ex-trauma nurse I’ve learned a lot about how to truly connect and engage with people, even during the most emotional and vulnerable points in life.  I now use this knowledge and experience to help my clients to ‘Sell Like a Nurse’ and build human connection that makes a difference in business.

So, I know a thing or two about strategy, making meaningful connections and building relationships with purpose….just what you need in Social Selling!






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